Kids and Chiropractic: Car seats and Baby Carriers​

Spinal development in infants and children is critical to their general health and proper growth and functioning.


Babies and children need to move! Movement is Life itself!


Car seats are a necessity but time should be limited as movement is essential for proper muscle and bone development as well impacting general circulation and health of all the essential body systems. When not in a moving vehicle, a child should not be restrained in a car seat or bucket/swinging position for a prolonged period.


Baby carriers are very convenient but those little bodies should be properly supported and avoid having legs dangling without support. Legs should be secured and flexed in order to prevent undue strain on the developing spinal areas, stressing the muscular and nervous systems.


Proper posture and support for all of us, regardless of age, is vitally important!


Infants and children are dependent on us to make sure that their little bodies are in positions that minimize postural stress which could potentially negatively affect their skeletal and nervous systems and impact their overall development!


Schedule regular milestone checkups with your chiropractor to make sure that your child’s postural growth and development is on track!

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