Healthy Body, Healthy Mind​

“Burning with anger,” “trembling with fear,”  “feel it in our stomachs”, experience that “gut feeling”?


All common emotions and our descriptions! We all have them and we all experience them as real physical manifestations.


Unpleasant experiences, negative feelings, feeling physically and emotionally distressed can all affect how your body functions and ultimately negatively impacts your immune system! 


The mind-body connection is supported by extensive current research and is developing into a new field of “psychoimmunology”…a long term that just describes the linkage – how you think, how you feel, and the effect on your immune system by way of your body chemistry.


This “mind-body” concept actually originated more than 4000 years ago in China when it was noticed that illness followed a period of emotional and/or physical stress. That is just common sense - we see it in our own lives and in the lives, and health, of our family and  friends!


Chronic stress and negative emotional reactions to our lives and environment can make us sick and “fat”…lending to musculoskeletal  problems, nerve system complications, and  a sense that we have lost control over our health and wellbeing.


Chronic stress affects our overall health in so many ways:

  • Promotes  fat storage –metabolic syndrome and resistant weight gain
  • Reduces resistance to disease and illness - immune function
  • Contributes to diabetes, heart disease and circulatory conditions
  • Disrupts the sleep cycle-contributes to fatigue and stress 
  • Increases muscle tension-decrease mobility
  • Creates skeletal and nervous system complications
  • Contributes to depression and negative self-image


Emotions are felt in every cell and with every fiber of our body! Your reality is how you think and how you feel.  Calming the mind is more difficult if the body is in turmoil and you are experiencing mental and physical pain. The vicious cycle has you in its grips and sometimes there seems like there is no escape.


Chiropractic care can help you effectively address the musculoskeletal and nerve complications by restoring proper function, reducing the pain syndrome and increasing mobility. Exercise and movement is a vital part of getting control over your body, increasing oxygenation and improving cellular and system function. Healthy choices are key to the mind-body restoration and nutrition always plays a major part in your overall wellness recovery!


Call Bakke Clinic today at (608) 846-3333 and begin with a chiropractic evaluation…your doctor will take a complete health history, learn about you and what you are experiencing, consult with you and discuss what steps can be taken to help you restore your good health, naturally!


Posted by: Dr. Meredith Bakke

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