Discover the Magic of Infant Massage!

Babies and infants respond so profoundly to massage.

A few thoughts and tips for parents and loving care-givers wanting to incorporate massage into their baby-care regimen:

  • Technique is important, so gentle and soothing touch is key to making it a positive experience for baby
  • Begin by massaging the legs
  • Long firm strokes are more effective; light feathery strokes can cause too much stimulation and can be experienced as “irritating”.
  • Observe and look for signs from the baby about the effect of the touch and respond accordingly. Know when to continue or when to stop.
  • Make sure that the timing is right. Both baby and the person giving the massage and gentle touch should be calm and not feel irritated or rushed.
  • No watching the clock. Just look for signs and respond to feedback from the baby. Baby knows best!


Ready to enjoy the experience?

Let our professional massage therapists at Bakke Clinic open you to the benefits of massage for your baby and infant children and guide you in providing that loving and caring touch!

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Posted by: Dr. Meredith Bakke 

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