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There are so many reasons for “pain”…it could be related to, or the result of, accidents and injuries, affected by chronic muscle and skeletal tension and rigidity,  generated by nerve interference, irritation and joint misalignment, chronic and systemic inflammation, and then there is “wear and tear” and just gentle “aging”….among many others triggers.


Some pain issues can be addressed by self-care, such as increased movement or minimizing the activity that contributes to the pain, but we want to offer some other suggestions to help you take control of that “pain- in- the-whatever” and feel good again!


The first thing is to figure out what is generating the pain. It is self-induced by what you are eating and drinking? Is it because of chronic overuse of a part of your body such as with repetitive movement doing gardening or lifting too much? Is it because of arthritic and inflammatory conditions? Accidents and injuries take their toll…in the immediate period of time following the incident and then, if not addressed properly, the effects of the accidents and injuries have a way of hanging on and potentially creating dysfunction and disability later in life!


Our recommendations:

  • Create awareness…what is the problem? What is contributing to the pain syndrome?
  • Make good choices – choices can be made to address the root cause-activities, foods, and overuse
  • Accidents and injuries- address any problems immediately and appropriately – don’t let them become chronic and debilitating
  • Take good care of your body “it is the only place you have to live”!


Our doctors at Bakke Clinic can provide the care and support you may need to more fully understand where the pain is coming from and what you can do to take control of your health and wellness. They can offer the treatment and provide recommendations to help you feel good again!


Living with pain does not have to be your destiny. There is so much that can be done with gentle and effective chiropractic care along with easy exercise and movement along with proper nutritional support to enhance the healing process.


Call Bakke Clinic and talk with one of our doctors. You have questions? We have answers! Or just call and make that appointment and let our doctors help you get to the root cause of your pain.


Posted by: Dr. Meredith Bakke

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