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Chiropractic Therapy


The main focus of chiropractic treatment is performing an adjustment to correct the spinal alignment. However, some conditions benefit from rehabilitative care as well. Rehabilitative care employs various methods, called physiological therapeutics, to reduce swelling and inflammation, speed up the healing process and help you regain strength and range of motion. Specialized equipment to perform ultrasound, laser and other treatments are utilized in the clinic setting. With ice, heat and simple exercises, your doctor will also instruct you to continue your care at home between appointments. Walk the road to recovery with Bakke Chiropractic to achieve your goals and get back to the activities you love.






Therapeutic Methods


Ultrasound uses sound waves that penetrate deeply into the tissues creating vibration similar to a micromassage. It may be used in more acute situations to reduce swelling of the soft tissues. Ultrasound may also produce deep heat to break up scar tissue, tension or trigger points in more chronic conditions. No matter how it is used ultrasound is an effective way to generate tissue healing.


Electric Muscle Stimulation sends micro-electric pulses into the tissues via electrodes placed on the skin. The goal is to reduce deep inflammatory processes, reduce muscle tension and spasm and relieve pain. This method is safe and effective for a number of conditions both acute and chronic. 


Kineseo Taping revolutionized traditional sports taping and extended taping methods to all new populations treating a myriad of conditions. Tape is no longer used to splint and immobilize an injured joint or muscle, but rather to keep an injured area moving while reducing swelling and stimulating the muscles to improve strength. Taping methods can be used to improve functional movement, improve posture, reduce swelling or edema and reduce discomfort during pregnancy. 



Exercise can play an important role in treating acute and chronic pain or in rehabilitating from an injury. Patients are trained in specific exercises in order to regain strength and range of motion in an injured area. Therapeutic exercises can get you back to normal activity faster with less risk of re-injury.


Ice and Heat application can prove beneficial between treatments to limit swelling or muscle tightness. Your doctor will instruct you in the proper use of ice and heat depending on your specific situation. 


Massage Therapy provides hands on relief of muscle tension, trigger points, hyper-tonicity and overall tightness from an injury or other condition. Massage is often thought of as a full body relaxation but may also be performed to target a specific area. A regional massage focuses on alleviating the cause of symptoms, calming the nervous system and returning the muscles to a relaxed state. Therapeutic massage effectively helps maintain your chiropractic adjustment for longer. See more in our massage therapy section.


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