Senior Chiropractic

Along with age comes natural changes in our bodies. As slowing down is normal, staying active becomes increasingly important. Chiropractic care can help senior patients stay mobile, contributing to a healthier more active lifestyle.


Chiropractors use techniques that are safe and effective to accommodate the more delicate nature of older adults. While seniors undergo health and lifestyle changes they can rely on chiropractic care to help them feel their best.


Many aches and pains experienced by seniors result from misalignment in the spine and other joints.  A doctor of chiropractic is skilled in identifying and correcting those misalignments. When the spine and joints are properly aligned the body moves more freely, stiffness and pain are alleviated and posture is restored. Improved mobility and posture leads to better balance and coordination, decreasing the risk of falls and injuries. Keeping joints aligned may also slow down the degenerative process known as arthritis, much like rotating the tires on our cars increases the life of tires by slowing wear on the tread. 


Small changes such as being able to bend over more freely or get up from a chair more easily can lead to big improvements in independence and quality of life. Receiving regular chiropractic treatments just might get you back out on the golf course or in your garden again. Chiropractic care is a safe, natural alternative treatment that may decrease dependency on some medications and prevent the need for surgeries.


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