Spinal Degeneration Defined​

Spinal degeneration matters and can have a significant impact on your overall health and well-being. It not only affects your bony structure but because the spine protects the central nervous system and the peripheral nerves it can impact every system in your body!


Osteophytes, or outgrowth of the vertebral borders, can narrow the opening through which nerves pass. Decreased disc space can also create nerve pressure resulting in pain, numbness, stiffness, nerve damage and contribute to dramatic arthritic changes.


Many times the damage is done well before any pain or disability is experienced. It can be a “silent” problem for a long time and then surface with some relatively minor activity that just adds that extra stress to an already compromised structure. Dysfunction will always be there before you experience any “pain”.


Misalignment in your spine can lead to degeneration because of the imbalance that is created with stress on structures unable to handle the additional loads. Also, accidents, injuries, obesity, and poor nutrition are factors affecting your body’s ability to heal and be healthy and can contribute to early degenerative changes.


Chiropractic care is focused on monitoring and facilitating proper alignment and function in your spine and joints…keeping them moving and healthy! 


The best way to avoid or minimize spinal degeneration is to take a preventive approach. Movement, stretching, mobilization, proper nutrition, adequate rest, and correct posture are all things that we have control over! Good choices make for a healthier body and a happy and healthier “aging” process.

Make that appointment today and maintain excellent structural, muscular and spinal health. Your chiropractor knows how to help you, and also knows how to help you help yourself with strategies to remain active and healthy!


Your body will appreciate all the TLC!    


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