Kids and Chiropractic! Spinal Development. ​

Your kid’s spinal development is important!


Did you know that an infant’s spine will double in size during their first two years?


We all know that the spine is structural and also encases and protects the spinal cord and the nervous system! The brain, spinal cord and related nerves are responsible for controlling all the functions of the body and directly impact the immune, digestion, elimination, and respiratory systems and provides the source of the energy and ability to move our bodies...affecting our muscles and joints!


The fully functioning nervous system directly affects the ability of your infant and child to heal, grow, and impacts their overall health and wellness.


Chiropractors are experts in spinal health along with the nervous and muscular systems and can help to ensure that your infant and child develop normally and are free from interference that would negatively affect them.


Concerns about your child’s spinal health and development?


Make an appointment to have a consultation and an assessment.  Get answers to any of your questions about proper spinal and nervous system development. Your child’s spinal health is critical to proper growth and development! 

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