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Whether you are a professional athlete or enjoy playing pickup games with your friends you want to be able to play your best. Keeping your body and your joints moving properly allows any athlete to perform at their highest level. Chiropractic care is a great way to not only feel your best but to also perform your best. You may not know it but many of your favorite athletes receive chiropractic care including: Aaron Rodgers, Jerry Rice, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Brady and Michael Jordan.


Chiropractic care is not only for your spine but also for your ankles, shoulders, knees and all of your other extremity joints. Chiropractors are trained in much more than just the spine! They are also trained to adjust ankles, knees, shoulders, wrists and other joints that are commonly stressed by athletes. Some of the common sports injuries that chiropractors treat are; ankle sprains,  shoulder problems, hip problems, turf toe, Achilles tendonitis, elbow problems and knee problems just to name a few. 


Many of our doctors at Bakke Clinic are also trained in other treatment techniques that greatly benefit athletes.  Some of the techniques that our doctors at Bakke Clinic use are various types of muscle work, stability and rehab exercises, kinesio taping, electric stim, ultra sound and cold laser. Muscle work is important for athletes because it allows them to avoid muscle soreness and stiffness. Many of our doctors at Bakke Clinic are trained in muscle work techniques including trigger point therapy and ART. ART is a form of muscle work that involves active stretching while applying pressure to specific muscles. Have you ever seen your favorite player with tape on their shoulder or knee?  That is kinesio tape and it helps to promote endurance and to improve an athlete’s performance level. 


By maintaining proper spinal and extremity alignment you are on your way to not only performing your best but you are also on your way to preventing injuries.  Prevention care is key to athletes of all levels because preventing an injury is much easier than treating one. Contact Bakke Clinic today to keep your performance in tip top shape.


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