Fostering Natural Health for a Lifetime​

Pathways to Family Wellness is a fantastic publication that everyone should be reading. I am in awe of the articles, the authors, the ideas and topics that are covered with every magazine but most recently with the Winter, 2016 edition. Articles in that edition range from the topic of natural immunity, to another article by Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD, who is the author of the book The Dirt Cure; then a short but significant blurb about the brain and immunity link; and another extensive and research-based article on the importance of gut health, the microbiome, in the infant and child. It went on to underscore the importance of the microbiome to the developing immune system, affecting the child’s overall health with the effect reaching far into adulthood.  Authors and contributors come from all aspects of science and healthcare. “Pathways “ is primarily a chiropractic magazine but speaks to the larger audience, covering topics in a broad spectrum in science and healthcare that is chiropractic in nature, is highly informative and addresses natural approaches to achieving overall health and wellness. Children and Chiropractic: We know how well children respond to chiropractic care and it is affirming to see that there is increasing empirical evidence about the value that children receive at the hands of a chiropractor…maternal pre-natal care as well as the gentle care babies experience after they come into this world and then as they continue with care throughout their very active years of growth. Chiropractic eases those developmental challenges, monitoring and treating the growing and maturing child throughout those years, addressing any physical changes and challenges the child and young adult may experience. Research supports preventive care and lifestyle changes:  We are in a wonderful era of expanding research into what creates and maintains health…what are the pillars of good health from the time you are born that sustain you throughout your lifetime? The bottom line and basic recommendations from the data collection, research and good science that we access is that we have got to be more proactive…good health does not need to be elusive. Prevention and promoting a healthy lifestyle is the key to avoiding “disease-care” while adding quality and longevity to our lives! Let’s ask ourselves…what are we learning and what can we do to enhance our life experience as adults and start our little people on the pathway to a lifetime of vibrant health and wellness? Supportive data is everywhere: The information is there, everywhere in the various publications and in the media. The evidence is irrefutable. Let’s learn from it and use the information, develop tools, and implement strategies to improve our health, impact our overall health and wellness and enhance the quality of our lives. Our children, families and communities can all benefit!   The Cycle of Life: We are learning - and sometimes just affirming what we have already known or observed. We are becoming more aware about the mind -body connection. We have greater understanding of the importance of how we are nurtured in the womb, how we come into this world sometimes with some challenges already embedded in our DNA, how we are fed and culturally influenced when choices are made by caring and loving adults during those years when we are not making decisions for ourselves. When we become adults then reality kicks in and those choices become ours…we can be self-determined and even transform our lives by making those decisions that directly affect our health and wellbeing.  Our physical and emotional entities are intertwined. Nervous system link to Immune system: There is a huge emphasis in research on the link between our nervous system, our emotions, our immune system and our functioning as a complete organism where all parts are important to the whole body and mind. Each of us is a compete “package’ and needs to be looked at as a” whole entity”. So much to explore: I am excited about doing a series of blogs on so many of these topics that have such a direct impact and importance on how we live our lives and how we can positively affect and improve the quality of life…. every day and every year. How can we as individuals take control of our health and incorporate the many benefits of chiropractic care, and implement the proactive and conservative, non-invasive and holistic chiropractic approach to achieving and maintaining excellent health and wellbeing for a lifetime? Through chiropractic care, good nutritional and lifestyle choices and taking control over our health we can live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives. Let’s talk about that! Let’s talk about choices! Let’s have that conversation! The keys to unlock our health potential are within our reach. We just need to connect with them and open the doors to a new, more robust and healthier life! Topics we are going to cover:Immunity and the Nervous systemNatural solutions for pain controlJoint pain, movement and nutrition supportChiropractic care for every phase of lifeMassage and stress reliefHealthy body, healthy mind I’m excited about sharing my years of education and experience, my genuine care about how we can all work to enhance the quality of our lives, individually and collectively, and how we can continue to share what we learn in every life experience with the others that we are connected to. In this age of Facebook and Pinterest…we are all connected and we can have a profound impact on all of those who we touch. Wishing you happy days and good health! Dr. Meredith Bakke 

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind​

“Burning with anger,” “trembling with fear,”  “feel it in our stomachs”, experience that “gut feeling”? All common emotions and our descriptions! We all have them and we all experience them as real physical manifestations. Unpleasant experiences, negative feelings, feeling physically and emotionally distressed can all affect how your body functions and ultimately negatively impacts your immune system!  The mind-body connection is supported by extensive current research and is developing into a new field of “psychoimmunology”…a long term that just describes the linkage – how you think, how you feel, and the effect on your immune system by way of your body chemistry. This “mind-body” concept actually originated more than 4000 years ago in China when it was noticed that illness followed a period of emotional and/or physical stress. That is just common sense - we see it in our own lives and in the lives, and health, of our family and  friends! Chronic stress and negative emotional reactions to our lives and environment can make us sick and “fat”…lending to musculoskeletal  problems, nerve system complications, and  a sense that we have lost control over our health and wellbeing. Chronic stress affects our overall health in so many ways:Promotes  fat storage –metabolic syndrome and resistant weight gainReduces resistance to disease and illness - immune functionContributes to diabetes, heart disease and circulatory conditionsDisrupts the sleep cycle-contributes to fatigue and stress Increases muscle tension-decrease mobilityCreates skeletal and nervous system complicationsContributes to depression and negative self-image Emotions are felt in every cell and with every fiber of our body! Your reality is how you think and how you feel.  Calming the mind is more difficult if the body is in turmoil and you are experiencing mental and physical pain. The vicious cycle has you in its grips and sometimes there seems like there is no escape. Chiropractic care can help you effectively address the musculoskeletal and nerve complications by restoring proper function, reducing the pain syndrome and increasing mobility. Exercise and movement is a vital part of getting control over your body, increasing oxygenation and improving cellular and system function. Healthy choices are key to the mind-body restoration and nutrition always plays a major part in your overall wellness recovery! Call Bakke Clinic today at (608) 846-3333 and begin with a chiropractic evaluation…your doctor will take a complete health history, learn about you and what you are experiencing, consult with you and discuss what steps can be taken to help you restore your good health, naturally! Posted by: Dr. Meredith Bakke​

Natural Solutions for Pain Control​

There are so many reasons for “pain”…it could be related to, or the result of, accidents and injuries, affected by chronic muscle and skeletal tension and rigidity,  generated by nerve interference, irritation and joint misalignment, chronic and systemic inflammation, and then there is “wear and tear” and just gentle “aging”….among many others triggers. Some pain issues can be addressed by self-care, such as increased movement or minimizing the activity that contributes to the pain, but we want to offer some other suggestions to help you take control of that “pain- in- the-whatever” and feel good again! The first thing is to figure out what is generating the pain. It is self-induced by what you are eating and drinking? Is it because of chronic overuse of a part of your body such as with repetitive movement doing gardening or lifting too much? Is it because of arthritic and inflammatory conditions? Accidents and injuries take their toll…in the immediate period of time following the incident and then, if not addressed properly, the effects of the accidents and injuries have a way of hanging on and potentially creating dysfunction and disability later in life! Our recommendations:Create awareness…what is the problem? What is contributing to the pain syndrome?Make good choices – choices can be made to address the root cause-activities, foods, and overuseAccidents and injuries- address any problems immediately and appropriately – don’t let them become chronic and debilitatingTake good care of your body “it is the only place you have to live”! Our doctors at Bakke Clinic can provide the care and support you may need to more fully understand where the pain is coming from and what you can do to take control of your health and wellness. They can offer the treatment and provide recommendations to help you feel good again! Living with pain does not have to be your destiny. There is so much that can be done with gentle and effective chiropractic care along with easy exercise and movement along with proper nutritional support to enhance the healing process. Call Bakke Clinic and talk with one of our doctors. You have questions? We have answers! Or just call and make that appointment and let our doctors help you get to the root cause of your pain. Posted by: Dr. Meredith Bakke​

Kids and Chiropractic! Spinal Development. ​

Your kid’s spinal development is important! Did you know that an infant’s spine will double in size during their first two years? We all know that the spine is structural and also encases and protects the spinal cord and the nervous system! The brain, spinal cord and related nerves are responsible for controlling all the functions of the body and directly impact the immune, digestion, elimination, and respiratory systems and provides the source of the energy and ability to move our bodies...affecting our muscles and joints! The fully functioning nervous system directly affects the ability of your infant and child to heal, grow, and impacts their overall health and wellness. Chiropractors are experts in spinal health along with the nervous and muscular systems and can help to ensure that your infant and child develop normally and are free from interference that would negatively affect them. Concerns about your child’s spinal health and development? Make an appointment to have a consultation and an assessment.  Get answers to any of your questions about proper spinal and nervous system development. Your child’s spinal health is critical to proper growth and development! ​

Reasons to Schedule that Massage Today!

 We all know that “massage” helps us “’feel good” but there are so many other real health-related reasons to schedule that massage today!  Neck and Upper Back Stress and Stiffness…. Desk-workers beware; all that sitting leads to postural stress and creates pain and stiffness in the neck and upper back. Massage can counteract that stress!Eases Muscle Pain…Massage provides external stimulation for increased circulation and can ease that pain syndromeAnxiety and Depression…Professional and ‘’safe” physical contact can provide that comforting and reassuring human “touch” that we all respond to emotionally and psychologically.Sleep Enhancement…Relaxation and tension-reduction have been proven to be positively affected by a soothing massageImmunity Boost…A 2010 study found that massage boosts white blood count and stimulates a positive physiological responseHeadache Relief…Massage decreases tension and can affect and reduce the frequency and intensity of tension headaches.Therapeutic Massage is available at our DeForest, Waunakee and Sun Prairie Clinics and we welcome the public as well as Bakke Clinic patients! Bakke Clinic…”Call Us. Come In. Feel Good Again!” Posted by: Dr. Meredith Bakke​

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